How often do you eat out? Sit down or fast food?

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How often do you eat out? Sit down or fast food?

For a large family it's a lot of money for both! Even the dollar menu can cost us 20.00!

We will do mcdonalds or something once a month with all the kids and get them a kids meal.

Sometimes when I am running errands my youngest and I will grab something.

We try to do pizza take out every so often we have Georgio's and they have 5.00 mondays and 5.99 fresh and ready the rest of the week. We need 3! I can only think how many we will need 1 day!

We love chineese but not often!

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We try to eat out very infrequently...we do have a small family restaurant near us that we like to take the kids to, reasonable prices, good portions, and a nice variety. So maybe once a month or less. We do occasionally run through the drive thru at mcdonalds but only if we're out all day and not going to be home around meal times (we live a bit out of town so we don't run back and forth). I like to try to stick with healthier options like Subway though.

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We budget $20/month to eat out, so it depends on what we want. Some months that will let us eat out twice, and other times it is only once. We love the pizza resturant here in town, as well as Subway, so that is what we get most of the time.

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We eat out too much. We usually go out at least once a week, and pick up fast food a couple times. But we rarely ever order anything for our 2 year old unless it is kid's eat free. We just order our food and share with him. We are trying to get better about menu planning, so that we won't go out as much, but some days I just don't feel like cooking, and sometimes it's worth the money to me just for the convenience.

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Before getting pregnant and the middle of the second trimester, we RARELY ate out unless a special occassion. Since the middle of the second trimester we try to go out once a week for a date night. We know those will slow down after baby is born, so we figure enjoy it now while we can Smile other than that most of our meals are made from scratch.

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We go out a couple times a month at most. We used to enjoy going out, but then we realized we could spend the money it would cost for fast food (or less) and make a nice steak dinner at home. When we do go out, it is usually Chinese buffet, because we can get a variety of fairly healthy foods (made with fresh vegetables) for a decent price. There's one restaurant that is $2.99 for kids 10 and under, so all 7 of us can eat for under $50, including tip. We rarely do fast food.

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For our income and medical bills we are still paying on, we eat out too much, I admit. We have managed to cut back, at least, especially eating out on Sundays after church. It was hard at first because we loved doing it, but now I buy good quality pizza when it's on sale to have. Easy for me, motivating for the whole family to GO HOME for lunch. Smile

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We don't eat fast food, so if we go out to eat it's sit down. Now that Aiden demands his own kid's meal (he usually eats most of it too!) it's getting more expensive. We recently moved, so we've been looking for coupons and seeing what 'deals' restaurants around here have before trying them. We found one place that does $8 buffets once a week and won't charge us for Aiden (they don't seem to think there's any way he can eat much :ROFL:). I like it when kid's eat free! We've been out to eat more than we'd like this month due to moving.

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Other than our once a month date night, we only eat out if we are out of the house for the day with no food which is less than once a month.

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TOO MUCH! Its one area I need to cut but I hate to cook and get home too late, its just easier to go eat out. But we don't eat fast food much so it adds up way to fast

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"SoCaliLover" wrote:

TOO MUCH! Its one area I need to cut but I hate to cook and get home too late, its just easier to go eat out. But we don't eat fast food much so it adds up way to fast

Have you ever thought about going to one of those places where they have all the ingredients and you put together like a week's worth of meals? If I remember right, they cost about half what you would pay to go out, and they are good meals.

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before Dave Ramsey we ate out way too much. Now it is only on occasion. We budget $25 a month. If we don't go out one month it rolls to the next and then we can do a real nice dinner. We also have our "blow" money and that is for our personal use so if we want to grab fast food for lunch or something when we are by ourselves we do that. When I say fast food it's Chick-fil-a, subway, Tropical Smoothie, Moes, Chipolte, Panera, etc. We NEVER do McDonald's, BK, etc.

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Kebrina, just curious how much you budget for your "blow" money? I probably use $10/week when I am on the road a lot for work.

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Before we started Dave Ramsey we ate out WAY too $300/month. However, we now budget $50/mo and it is more than enough. I really enjoy cooking so we don't eat out much. The money is usually used if we are in town and won't get home in time for lunch or for quick dates (ie. ice cream, pie, etc.). Very rarely do we dip into our "blow" money for eating out, unless we are traveling.