I so need this support!

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I so need this support!

Hope this board gets hopping soon! We have a LOT of debt being newly married....living off credit cards basically for a year or longer along with old debt, new debt etc.....

I am headed to my credit union tomorrow to see if they can consolidate any of it for us....I am scared that I will break down and cry. :eek: We have already stopped using the credit cards (4 of them) and we CAN get by I believe without consolidating.....BUT it would be MUCH nicer if we do manage to get some of it consolidated....

I have the book Americas Cheapest Family and plan to do the snowball debt reducer once we find out what the bank can or cannot offer us.

Would be nice to talk with others in same situation though...

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Hey, hope you still are checking the board! I too am in the same situation you are. I was recently remarried. After a divorce your finances are pretty much a disaster, especially when you had the debt my ex and I had.

My dh and I have 6 kids and both have had some debt issues. We are working on them, because I have a goal of being a stay at home mom with all these children. We are considering having more children and would like to be in better financial shape before doing so.

We were given Dave Ramsey's total money makeover workbook for a wedding gift. Probably the best wedding gift we were given! lol Financial troubles are the worst and refuse to let cause trouble in our marriage. We have started working hard towards our goal and it has helped to educate ourselves together, so we see eye to eye on our financial goals.

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I hope your credit union offered you some help. DH and I are finally paying off credit cards and we stopped using them but we have a long way to go.