Just Pregnant and FREAKING OUT
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Thread: Just Pregnant and FREAKING OUT

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    Just found out we are pregnant today with baby #2 (our daughter turns 14 months this Thursday). I am a mess of emotions - excited, anxious, nauseous, freaking out!

    I am at-home with my daughter as a choice and I have a home business (Mary Kay) that is doing pretty good and I free-lance occassionally for a fundraising firm. The baby doesn't sleep very well and we are waiting for a sleep expert to help us (very spirited child she is) so I have been focussing on her and letting the Mary Kay business slide a little.

    I don't have a specific question but I needed to post. Any words of encouragement are welcome!


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    Just wanted to say hi and welcome! I don't have any advice for you but wanted to wish you luck.

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    Congratulations! My best advice to you is to focus and work hard at your MaryKay business. By the time the baby is due, you will have achieved success . Your MaryKay business will strive and give you and your family everything you want from it.

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