Lets get this board moving!!

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Lets get this board moving!!

Ladies, lets get this place active!

What types of things do you want to see on the board?

Should we have a weekly question to answer about money, budgeting etc?

I really want to make this board work and have fun with it! I need ideas Smile

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Maybe each week we could have a new thread to share ideas on a particular topic. Here are some ideas for topics:
* crock pot recipes
* meals for under $10
* budget birthday parties
* favorite bargain shopping tips
* inexpensive vacation/staycation ideas
* favorite bargain/resale/resource-sharing websites (e.g. freecycle)
* feeding picky kids on a budget
* money saving home decorating/improvement tips
* stress-free holidays

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Sorry, forgot to check in here-- we are moving at the end of the month so things are hectic.

I suggest a weekly goal --like this week I will do X to work toward more frugal living --I say that as living much more frugally is a major goal of mine but changing old habits is hard!

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Thank you ladies for ideas! Smile

Deb you had some great ones! I hope to get more people over the board to get it moving!!!

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I love the ideas suggested, too! Smile

And one of my own: Tips on how to have better self-discipline with spending money, so that you can save more.