MIA Update

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MIA Update

Hi Everyone--

Sorry I've been MIA. This summer has been BUSY! Late spring I started painting which has been no little project since we have cathedrals and I painted trim and doors but as I'm finishing more of it, I do feel accomplished & I'm loving the results. Still not finished w/ the kitchen/dining but so plugging away as I can Smile DH is putting on a deck which is going slowly but surely and it's great to see something since we've been in this house for over 6 years and can now actually walk out the back door onto something w/o falling to the ground. LOL He also put in globed arbs which we plan to let grow into a privacy hedge since we have a corner lot so everyone sees most everything we do outside. Two of my four are back at homeschool and the other two keep things tossed up and all around. Smile

I'm so excited to see more action going on here and plan to be around more often now. I'm also excited to make the journey with you all towards becoming financially savvy and DEBT free Yahoo