Salvation Army shopping for Christmas gifts

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Salvation Army shopping for Christmas gifts

I took Thomas to the Salvation Army this year to shop for gifts for the family, since he missed Santa's workshop at school because he was sick. He got the coolest gifts and only spent $16 for all 7 of us. I was so impressed that I plan to take everyone there next year. Here's what he got:

for Dad - a bronze and glass French coffee press
for Mom - an Erma Bombeck book
for Caleb - a Power Ranger sword that makes sound effects
for Patrick - a gun that has rotating lights in it that make patterns (very cool)
for Isaiah - a robot puppy that walks, barks, wags its tail, etc.
for Cherish - TWO Barbie dolls
for himself - a Rubik's Cube and a Jacks set

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That's great! One of my goals for this coming year is to shop 2nd hand stores more now that we're living in cities that have them. Smile

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I love them. And I'm also trying to be environmentally conscious. The amount of plastic that accumulated in our house over the Christmas weekend about made me sick. And you can buy guilt-free leather and fur too Wink