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Does anyone stockpile? I know that having a stockpile can really be useful and save money but it also can make you feel like a haorder!

For me I feel like a hoarder, it causes clutter and I would hate to waste! We also don't have a lot of extra storage area. Somestuff I will but not loads and loads like some stockpiles I have seen!

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I stockpile nothing. We move way too much for that thanks to the military.

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I wouldn't say that I stockpile anything, but if I see a really good deal on the kids' mouthwash or shampoo, I'll buy 4-6 bottles. We go through it quickly, though.

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I have stockpiled 4 bottles of shower gel recently because I am getting an awesome deal on it right now. I want to get some more because it is good quality and supercheap.

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My stockpile (nothing like on Extreme couponing) has dwindled greatly. My area just isn't getting the deals that it used to and when there is a good deal everything is cleared out. I had almost a year supply of laundry detergent, but I only have a couple months worth left. Toothpaste I still have enough to last a while. I don't feel like a hoarder....I feel prepared for those times that I don't have the energy to go out shopping every week.

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I don't stockpile like on the TV show, but I do keep a lot of certain things on hand because we consume/use so much of it or because it's a great deal. Things like toothpaste, frozen fruit, canned tomatoes, toilet paper etc. I can't stockpile everything anyway, not enough room in the house!

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I don't do a lot of stockpiling, but there are some things that I try to always have on hand. We buy paper towels/toilet paper/tissues in bulk at Costco because it's so much cheaper, so my linen closet usually has a stash of those things in it. We buy the 25 lb bags of flour because it's cheaper and we go through A LOT of flour (I love to bake, and I make all-or almost all- of the bread and crackers that we eat).

I will also buy several jars of peanut butter when I find a good deal, diced tomatoes when they are on sale (we go through a lot of them), and canned pumpkin (we've had shortages here the last couple of years, so I have to grab it when I see it).

I have a shelf in my laundry room where I keep the extras, and when it's full, I don't buy any more. That way I don't end up with more than we need/can use in a reasonable amount of time, or clutter up my whole house.