Stressed!! Do we or don't we??

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Stressed!! Do we or don't we??

He does! He has two blankets (because I learned from Noah!) that are green on one side and brown on the other and super soft that he loves. He sleeps with them, and they come with us for car rides. When I was pregnant I bought them specifically with the hope that they would become his "lovie", so I bought two!

Noah also has two special blankets. He is COMPLETELY attached to those blankets. They are the "magic" blankets and they go everywhere with us. They are just a little green blanket from Walmart that someone gave to us before I had him. It became his favorite about 9 months after it was given to me- so it was no longer sold in stores. I looked everywhere for a backup and finally found one on ebay from a store that sold back up lovies! I had to pay over $30 for a blanket that was no doubt less than $10. I did because I was desperate- smart company knows it too!

I had a special teddy bear (that I still have!) that went everywhere with me. I love that my kids also have the special something that makes everything right!