What is 1 thing you could live without but still buy?

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What is 1 thing you could live without but still buy?

What is 1 thing you really don't need to waste money on but still buy?

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My weekly coffee and treat. I buy them every Saturday morning, I don't need them but I do enjoy them. I'm thinking now DS is awake a bit longer we may move the treat back to baking at home, but we also have to get to the library which will cut into our baking and treat eating time before lunch and his sleep.

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I tend to buy a lot of soft drinks. My favorite is the blue Mountain Dew at Taco Bell, which I usually get once a week, since I go there with one of my clients. I certainly don't need soft drinks, and they aren't good for me, but I enjoy them. Also, we pay for Netflix, even though we don't technically "need" it. But we don't have cable, so it's nice to have access to movies for the kids.