What things do you do or don't to be frugal?

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What things do you do or don't to be frugal?

What are some things that you do and or don't do to be frugal?

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There are some grocery items I just can not buy the store brand of. Example ketchup. We have tried it but I can not stand it.

I have to have just a little money in the budget for my discretionary spending, keeps me in budget on other lines and keeps me sane.

We have yet to turn on our furnace. We live in Ontario Canada and have an oil furnace, so I like to use it minimally. Our wood stove heats the main living area and we sleep with lots of blankets.

**I think I read the question wrong, the first 2 things are things i just can not be frugal about to stay sane while budgeting. The third is something we are frugal about. ***

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I refuse to buy grocery store coffee! Wink

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Things that I do:
I am not a huge couponer with groceries, but any kind of other shopping, I always check for coupons or deals first. I don't buy any clothes at full price. Definitely use coupons/sales for diapers/formula.

I did just sign up for the sunday paper to get coupons, but haven't been on top of clipping them, hoping to get better about that.

We called our internet company when the price went up and told them we won't be using them any longer at that price and they knocked it down to $25 (reg price was 43 went up to 52) for the next 6 months.

DH does our car maintenance, like oil changes and such.

Things I don't do to be frugal:
No manicures/pedicures (never had one in my life)

Rarely get my hair cut....happens like once every 6 months...definitely due for one.

No smart phones or data plans

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I'm a coupon nut when it comes to HBA products. I was on a kick for a while where I was spending $8-$10 for $70 or more worth of merchandise at Walgreens. I've got a small stockpile of toothpaste, shampoo, bodywash, toothbrushes, razors, and shave cream. I try to coupon with groceries as well, but we eat the same things over and over, so I find I don't save as much there.

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Things that I do:
* shop at a discount grocery store
* use coupons for diapers and part-time cloth diaper
* buy clothes on sale/discount and consignment
* shop around for cable, phone etc.
* bought space heaters to save on oil bill

Things I don't do to be frugal:
* I get a haircut very infrequently and my nails once a year
* we rarely eat out
* turn up the heat in the house

Areas where I am not frugal at all:
* like PP mentioned, there are a couple foods I can't go cheap on (ketchup, chocolate chips)
* We eat a lot of meat, steak etc.
* I buy natural cleaning products which are much more expensive

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Things I do to be frugal:
Keep lights in the house turned off and keep blinds/curtains open
Do any department store shopping with clearance/specials and coupons (JCP sends $10 off a purchase of $10 or more, and I usually get a couple of those a month)
Buy offbrand/store brand of some items
Stretch meats by combining with canned beans
Have friends over for game nights rather than dinner/movie double dates

Things I don't do to be frugal:
Don't go out to eat as often as we used to
Cut back on our fun/unnecessary purchases

How I am not frugal(?):
Diapers--I am middle of the road and spend more on disposables than I could, but store brands just don't work well for my LO
Coupons--I don't get the Sunday paper, and although my mom passes along coupons I'm bad a organizing and using them
Home entertainment--DH and I have highspeed, all the premium channels, and Netflix... But, we also recently switched providers, bundled, but out our landline, and are spending less for more channels and faster internet than we were with our previous company.

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Things we do to be frugal:
1. We canceled our cable and only use local channels, netflix, and watch shows we miss online by hooking the computer up to the TV.
2. We don't turn the heat on unless there is a frost advisory which means around 30ish over night. We'll usually put a fire on to heat the main living area. And I just put on more clothes. Smile
3. We cancelled our home phone with the phone company and got magic jack plus. Which we'll pay $19.99 a year for a home phone. What I love about this if someone leaves us a voicemail at home I automatically get an email on my iphone and can listen to it as a wav file.
4. I use coupons all the time. Groceries hasn't been much with coupons because I was so busy finishing internship. But we use it on clothes, shoes, christmas gifts. etc.
5. I only get a pedicure like once every 2 months when I used to get them every 2 weeks.
6. I stopped highlighting my hair. And I switched stylists to save money.

Things I refuse to do to be frugal:
1. I won't give up my iphone. We pay about 150 for our plans but I couldn't imagine not having my iphone.

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1) Buy only store brand (not name brand food products..with a few exceptions like cheese!)
2) I use coupons when I can, but rarly I can find any for the food and products we use.
3) I bring my own lunch / snacks to work instead of buying
4) Most of my and my son's clothing are hand me downs
5) I do alot of shopping at a local Kids Consignment sale that comes to town twice a year (many of last years xmas gifts where from there)

1) My mother in law cuts my hair
2) I dye my own hair
3) I do my own mani / pedi's weekly instead of going to nail salon
4) We never eat out at restaurants - only for birthdays and that is if our family takes us out!
5) We never spend money on entertainment - such as Netflix, or Movie theaters

1) We hire a landscaper instead of mowing our own lawn and out tenants lawn - the fight between DH and i would be too much!
2) Have a more expensive cable package b/c it includes Nick Jr. which my son would be very sad if we did not have (my fault that i let him watch it during a free trial period!)
3) I think we turn up the heat more than other trying to save money, but its a drafty house and I am always cold, I normally layer up up DS refuses to wear socks inside and his little feet are freezing! But we do use space heaters & light fires when we can.

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Things we do to save money:
- Keep our heat to 17 Celsius in the winter
- Don't use our AC in the summer unless the temperature is in the 30's (open windows, turn on fans)
- We don't buy a lot of processed foods, eat a lot of fruits and veggies
- Buy a lot of our kids clothes used or on really good sales. We shop ahead when we can to take advantage of end of season sales
- Buy store brands
- Use cloth diapers, wipes and dishclothes
- I don't use formula, I breastfeed, and that saves a tonne of money

Things I refuse to be frugal on
- I like to buy Charmin toilet paper, I hate the cheap stuff, it hurts my bum!
- I buy a lot of local foods, super fresh and super tasty but much more expensive as the farmers get paid a fairer wage then grocery stores pay them and they are not big huge corporation farms so they don't have economies of scale.