What are you willing to spend extra money on?

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What are you willing to spend extra money on?

I know we all try to cut corners and save money, but I was just curious what you are willing to spend the extra money on for whatever reason. For instance, are you willing to spend extra money to get higher quality on furniture or clothing? To help out local businesses? To eat organic? To support fundraisers? Here are a couple of things that I do:

* I like to support local businesses whenever possible, even if their products cost more. For instance, I try to buy my appliances from the local, family owned business rather than saving some money by going to Lowe's or Sears. I think it's really important because in the long run, the big stores are not necessarily good for the earth, the economy or the community.

* I would pay extra money for quality clothing, if I had to buy new clothing. For instance, when I was using maternity clothes, I bought a lot of Motherhood clothing because it was cheap, but some of it never lasted through one pregnancy, let alone multiple. I had a few articles that lasted through all three and were still good enough to give away, and none of them were from Motherhood.

* Furniture? I wish I had spent more money on quality furniture. The only good quality furniture we own was either given to us or bought second hand. The cheap furniture falls apart after just a few years. When I get to the point of needing to replace it, I think I will look for some quality furniture. Maybe shop for some Amish furniture.

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I definitely insist on spending a bit more money on furniture. The cheap stuff just doesn't hold up with kids. Or my husband. Blum 3

Toys. Cheap plastic toys don't have a place in my house. I'd rather spend more money on higher quality wood toys that will survive DS and can be used with future kids too. IMO this will save us money in the end. Wink

Strollers and baby carriers. Once again, I want them to hold up and be used for many, many years through all of our kids. High quality is a must and that doesn't always come cheap.