What are your financial resolutions for the New Year?

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What are your financial resolutions for the New Year?

Many people have New Year's Resolutions for dieting etc. With this being the Frugal and financial board I thought we could share our Resolutions/Goals for this coming year.

Hubby and I just finished the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Classes, so I'm determined to put everything into practice. Our number one Goal is to at least pay off Half of our debt by the end of the year. I'm looking forward to having Financial Peace.

What are your Goals/Resolutions?

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To be debt free other than our mortgage by mid year which is a certainty as I have very little left on my uni payments and it will be gone in the first half of the year. I could have had it gone earlier but hubby and i were in a position to be able to save for a house deposit a few years back and we put all our extra money to that to make money rather than repay my uni hecs which was a fixed interest rate and automatic deductions

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We need to sell our house and buy a new one. We also need to make sure that we are not over-spending. I have been working less because of Isaiah's illness, and we are quickly running through our big one-time tax credit from the adoption.

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To pay off our car (will be done no later than March), pay off half of the $25,000 left on the student loan, pay cash for this next baby, and stick to our budget!

Once the car is paid for we will sell it and purchase a 15 passenger van and a small run around car with cash.

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Make and stick to a budget -- limit major expenses like credit cards --limit credit card spending now that all our cards are paid off.