Wish this forum was more active!

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Wish this forum was more active!

This is right up my alley! Is anyone poking in here lately? I blog about frugality, so I'd love to have some people to chat more with about it!

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I would love to see this board become more active. Let me know if you have any ideas on encouraging more visitors. With the New Year coming up and more people on a tighter budget perhaps building up a getting out of debt challenge would be something to consider?

I'd love to take a look at your blog as well for personal use! Goodness knows I am always on the lookout for more suggestions!


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Thanks Missy! This is my blog:

Family Friendly Frugality

A getting out of debt challenge would be cool. Or a coupon workshop or something. I bet there will be a big bump in traffic to this board for the new year (when everyone opens up their December statements!)

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yup... me too.

also wish my DH was on board with getting out of debt... or anywhere near my boat would be nice really...

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How is he not supportive? Does he spend without caring? Honestly it took me making my husband a more active participant in our finances for us to finally come together on things.

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This board could be great!

I need ideas on how to be frugal too, especially as Christmas.

Could we not promote this board over on the more active boards?


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DH has no concept of spending budget etc. his concept is "i want it, i have money"

he couldnt remember to pay is car insurance on time if i didnt hound him before we got married. he just never looked ahead and said to himself "i get paid _ day, and care insurance is due 9 days later, i need to use this money to pay that." he has NO CLUE. he thinks "there is money in my pocket, i want mountain dew" and he doesnt think- my work clothes are dirty and i need that dollar in quarters to wash them, he just gets home and figures he'll have to wear it dirty another day because he's out of cash.

he will go to wal-mart and buy 12 cans of spray paint because he "needs to paint his truck" and not consider that he needed gas money to get to work the monday.

his parents never taught him to value money at all. they never showed him how to be responsible or use it properly. his bank account had exactly $5 in it for 3 years, he had the account just so he could cash checks at that bank.

so i do ALL the money in the house, every bill, every paycheck, everything goes through me. which does not work because he has a credit card that i'm stuck trying to budget and pay down while he racks it up.

and he's got a very "entitled" attitude. he figures everyone owes him and he deserves money for putting up with the planet- while i'm the opposite, it creeps me out when we get tax returns and get a bunch of money back that we did not pay in (we are pretty poor though) and i LIKE the money, but i'm wondering what the budget deficit would be if we only got back what we paid in instead of extra credit for being poor. last year our refund was nearly 50% of our YEARLY INCOME. in march we got a check (well... direct depost) for HALF of what we made in an ENTIRE YEAR.

we are paying off some credit cards this year (which is what we did last year, before we racked them up again on DH's entitlement theory "we deserve to drive 4 hrs to see my grandma and go shopping while we are there because those stores have stuff that fits me better, and go out to eat at 3 resteraunts a day and not even check the price before i order the steak because I WANT IT and i have magic plastic") and then i'm taking his and cutting it up. i already cut up all of mine... then 2 of them renewed this year, and i hid them and didnt activate them, until our car broke down and we needed parts but we have no savings because extra $$ disappears in DH's hands "i wanted a flashlight and a headlamp and another new pair of shoes even though i wont throw any of the 6 i have at home away, but i wont wear them because they are worn out" "i've been looking for this movie for years!" (but he still complains when DD gets into the movie he leavs out) .... anyway. so i'm cutting his card up until he can figure out how to pay his bill by himself. and he may never figure it out. if i can budget the money right, i'll be switching to a cash-only basis when we get the tax returns so that DH can't spend money on his debit that i have saved for bills.

its really tough for me to try to be frugal when he's such a spender. i mean, i feel guilty when i want to clearance shop with $10 for DD's wardrobe for next year, or if DD gets sick and i need extra quarters for laundry, but he comes home with a fresh 1 liter of mtn dew, a new can of dip (EW EW EW, thats a different issue) and convenience store snacks, then when i yell at him about it, he buys me a candybar too so that we're even. he doesnt understand that the money our family needs for other things is going straight out the window every time. and he prefers disposable diapers to cloth so maybe i'll have to hide those for emergencies only until he can get it figured out.

that was way longer than needed, but i still dont know if i've explained how/why he's not on my budget wagon.

right now he thinks i'm a **** and he'll think i'm worse when i take all his plastic and ration his cash so we can pay off some stuff.

and he wants to finance a new truck. he's an idiot.

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I just started on this forum and would love to see it more active....

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just wanted to randomly add that i did switch DH to a cash allowance and pay off 2 credit cards with our tax refund, just like i planned. and he's doing better. not great, but better, accidents with the debit or credit cards are few and far between now!

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I would also like to see this forum become more active!

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Hi everyone,

I just found this forum....if any of you are still around, are any of you Dave Ramsey fans? If so, how long have you been on plan, and how much debt have you/did you pay off?

We started Feb 2009, and have paid off just over 40K so far. My blog is in my signature.