Women's Dream Team

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Women's Dream Team

Has anyone ever check out the Women's Dream Team website, or talk with anyone who does this? I sat through a webseminar last night, and I'm not sure about this! I thought about posting to see if anyone has heard of this, or tried this!

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Any time you can read an entire website and still not know WHAT these people are talking about, I'd run the other way. Of course, I watch as MANY try to get into medical transcription work after sitting through similar evenings at the local Holiday Inn...they are all duped into believing that "hard work", "motivation", and "determination" will get you pay.

Sorry...skills get you paid.

If I were you, I would strip away the emotional hype they were spoonfeeding you and ask the hard BUSINESS-MINDED questions. I'll guarantee there will be a cost to you for something, so treat it as a business decision. Your eyes will open WIDE!

I did find it interesting about the tax write-offs though. I've been a home-based MT (I do NOT recommend it!) for ten years, and my "tax benefits" never offset my expenditures. I believe we paid $10-15,000 each year over the past several years. Writing off your internet or phone is not going to compensate for the money you will be asked to pay out, and I'm sure there will be a lot. I find owning my own business to be more of a financial liability than anything else.