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work at home

Hi everyone, I read through a few posts here and I felt so much that I had to post this information here. Please note that I get absolutely nothing from posting anything here. I am not affliated or anything. My sister does or has worked for these companies or I know about them.

You can go to: and see what people say about these companies for yourselves. Some are bitter some are happy. I think it depends on your needs and personality but they are legitimate.

Here is a small list: some I don't really know much about except that htey are legit and you can talk to other ladies about them on the wahm website. this is medical AND general transcription
www.workathomeagent. known as west, customer service, inbound customer service, inbound customer service various things - customer quality check calls, outbound but not selling

check the wahm site for more lists, they have whole forums for them. Also, majority of the calls are from tv commerical ads with a number to call and you take their order. What I have heard that the agents don't like is that they have to read the script exact and sometimes that involves asking the customer if they'd also like this, aka upsells. Me personally, well, if I needed to feed my baby who am I to get upset? I'm just doing my job. You might not like to do that and it's understandable but that's what I have heard about a few companies... which you can check out yourself.

I am sorry to post such a long message but I really wanted you to know that there are some opportunities out there and you can make a little extra from home.

Some other ideas...that my lovely sister is/has done, is deliver phone books each year. In her area, she gets $100 for each route she completes. It's a project that is finished when the phone books are all delivered, but it's a little extra cash. That's what she's doing right now as it's phone book time! Smile

When my husband was studying for his medical exams to start working we really had NO money. I sold a bunch of beanbags on Ebay and paid the rent and all for many months. I sold them from Oct - Jan though.. it was a busy season and beanbags had made a huge comeback at that time. THen when the spring hit I sold a few gazebos. My husband was like what are you selling?!? lol I just laughed and told him I really am not sure but it's paying the rent. Biggrin At that time, we had one car that leaked on our heads, no heater/ac, the floor is showing holes in the ground..well...let's just say we still have that car but we can not get the registration renewed on it bc of its condition. We pay more on its insurance each year that its worth. Dumb aren't we? But dumb no more! It's got to go! Anyway that was meant to inspire you that no matter how bad it is, it can get better with some budgeting and determination.

We've had our share of tough times financially and we're grateful those times are over; sometimes we've got to do (legal and ethically right) jobs to make ends meet. We're not rich but we're doing alright and I am so thankful to G-d for that. Because before I got that leaky car my husband and I used to stand on the corner waiting for the bus to come then he'd walk me to my office up the hill in the snow and rain to the office I worked in before I resigned and sold beanbags Smile I worked totally out of my field because...I had no reliable transportation. Anyway we do what we have to.

With kids it is even more challenging ... with wah jobs you need silence. So that would have to be worked out. Maybe dh could watch the baby in the evening while you work and make get out of the whole and make a little savings each month for emergencies.

I tried to work at home but my son is too naughty and I am not going to put him in daycare to work when we really are not struggling. I want to cherish my time with him bc it will go very fast, but if I had a need to work I would definitely be doing what I had to do.

(ohhh and I wanted to mention...just because it says work at home mom's there is no reason dad can't do a small part time job too for a few hours...or even go to day labor and make an extra hundred to two hundred dollars a day. My sister also does that even though she's a girl. Smile

I hope that helps. :bigarmhug:

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Thank you so much for this information! I have already filled out 2 applications and am ready to get started! This was just the information I have been looking for for over 2 years!! Thank you, thank you!!

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I've said multiple times (but not in this thread! :wink:) that medical transcription requires specific training. It is not a job to be taken lightly.

If anyone wants their questions answered, go to There are sticky threads that will tell you everything you need to know about the business and getting educated well.

Best online schools for MT:

If you do not educate yourself well regarding medical transcription, there are tons of "companies" that will scam you.

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The Speak-Write website is actually legal transcription...not medical BiggrinWink and it's good for me because I've been a legal secretary for over 12 years:)

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I looked into the speak-write website. It sounds really cool, and I think that I would be able to do it. They do general transcripts as well. I worked for an appraisal company back in college, and all I did was type reports from tapes, and then put the reports together. However, you have to schedule the hours you want to work....kindof hard to schedule hours around a baby (2 weeks in advance too)! I thought about having a nanny watch the baby while I work, however, I'm not sure I want to do that either.

So, I'm looking elsewhere for now, however, I'm going to remember this website for when my kids get a little older...sounds like something I might be able to do then.

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Thanks for the links.