Yay a place to complain.

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Yay a place to complain.

I don't spread this much but I was rather ill during my pregnancy, and didn't do much with our finances during that time, took me alot of time PP to recover too so the finances are in a mess.

I am normally great at keeping things in order, but I looked at the mess and freaked this month, in fact we had $20 for groceries this past weekend and I let a bunch of bills go late.

Part of this is due to paying for medical bills that aren't covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan, government insurance). DH filed them with his work insurance and we should be getting this money soon.

As for the food we are making due with what we had in our cupboards and bought a few things that were necessary, it impressively was under $20. One of our huge expenses is Natalie's formula, I was hoping to BF when I got pregnant but that didn't work out, so that's about $45 every week and a half.

Hoping to be more responsible in September and get my bills back up to date and pay down the credit cards a bit.

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thank you for joining my new cult muddee!

i had such horrible morning sickness that instead of continuing to work on paying down credit cards, i racked them up buying things i could eat and then throw up all last summer. and now we are STILL paying for it. looking back, if i was just going to throw up, why did i bother buying new things to puke instead of eating what we already had and throwing that up!

i guess i'm lucky that we were so broke that all of my health expenses were covered by Medicaid because we fall below the income requirements. well below them. our apartment is so small that i never did buy a bunch of expensive baby toys that wouldnt fit in there anyway, so i got lucky on that.

sometimes we dont have $20 for groceries. we have been visiting the local food bank since Ellie was born.

we all have bad days, i'm sure millionaires forget when bills are due sometimes or hire crooked accountants to do it for them and either way they lose money in the process, we are not alone!

the first step to fixing it is realizing there is a problem. sometimes i feel overwhelmed by our bills, thats why i'm determined to pay off our credit cards. i just cant handle having that many bills every month! it is too much for me to remember them all, and dates, and ammounts. i dont often make mistakes paying them, but sometimes i forget until i get the bill again then have to re-budget gas money into a minimum payment.

good luck getting them all straightened out!

i know that riht now i'm really just waiting for our next paychecks so i can pay a bunch of things. DH probably has no clue, i've tried getting his help, but he is useless. he just gives me his money. i told him when he's ready i'll share our finances with him, and until then he doesnt get to do anything with money because i need it all for bills.

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Hi Muddee :wavehello:

Good to see you over here!

I hear you about things being in a mess, can I raise my hand? We had to file an extension for our taxes because I still need to figure some things out which is time consuming & I keep procrastinating. Seems like I've always been able to help others keep theirs and then mine own is let go to the wayside. Thankfully, we shouldn't owe anything, it's just getting all the junk sorted out. YUK Sad

How are things going with you now? Did things come through with your DH's insurance? Sounds like you're doing a fantastic job trying to get through a tight time. Hoping you've been able to catch a breath.