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Back to medical apts... PCOS

Back to the site under a new name for the fact that I havent logged in 3 1/2 years and i could not remember my user name OR password :confused:. Anyways Im 23 (almost 24) and i was diagnosed with PCOS when i was 19. Classic signs, over weight, unusual hair growth/loss, acne in unusual spots, infrequent periods... Origionally they associated all of this with the tumor growing on my pituitary gland. Back in 2006 i had an ultrasound and they found a cyst on my ovary big enough to need surgery. in 2007 i had a cyst about the size of a grapefruit (yes it was huge, pictures were pretty cool though) on the same ovary and because of the size and extensive damage from my first surgery they had to remove it. right after that surgery, i lost my medical insurance. so now its been 3 years, no meds, no dr's, no nothing and i am starting the process over again. a little different this time though, my husband left me about 2 years ago so i am not going back on the metformin (which is good it made me so sick i didnt even want to take it) i am going to try the birth control way. i will be starting a round of provera (to jump start my period) and i have to go for an ultrasound in a week to see whats going on with my other ovary. (kinda scared to find out, hopefully theres nothing there.)

Just coming back to the site for support, and hopefully i can help others at the same time. Didnt find the actual PCOS board they used to have, hopefully some of my old board buddies are still around...

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Welcome back. Yes the old PCOS board got pruned through lack of use. I used to visit it when I was TTC Mr T.

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welcome back! If you need to talk - we're here!!! PCOS is a terrible thing, but at least we got cysters!