Consultation with Fertility Clinic (xp)

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Consultation with Fertility Clinic (xp)

Hi everyone,

Intro on me: I'm Sophia, 40; DH is Kris, 35. We have a 2.5 yo DD, she was conceived naturally approximately 2 years after I received a kidney transplant thanks to my DH who donated one of his kidneys to me.

We have been trying for just over 2 years for DD's sibling(s), and have had 2 cp's during that time. So we've been tested - unexplained fertility (or maybe age-related?) and referred to a fertility clinic.

Which brings me to my question - we are having a consultation with them Tues Sept 27, what should I be asking about fertility options and esp about IUI or IVF or other techniques...? Any advice, knowledge, tips, etc...??


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Hi Sophia,
I am struggling with secondary infertility also. I have consulted with 3 RE's, once prior to my last child's conception, and twice with this round of troubles.

I have found that all the doctors will ask a bunch of questions, review whatever history/labs they have, then pretty much list off your best options. One of them used percentages for chance of success, which was helpful. So basically they did a lot of talking, and I sat there feeling overwhelmed.

My advice: Bring your husband with you if at all possible. Write a list of questions ahead of time. Think ahead of time what fertility treatments you are willing to pursue and talk about this with the doctor. I did not do this and was mentally unprepared for both of my recent RE opinions to tell me IVF was my best shot by a mile. IVF is one thing I am not prepared to do right now, and it was a huge blow. But I sat there feeling overwhelmed and didn't even discuss it with the doctor! Next visit, I will have my thoughts much more together! Not that it would change their opinion, but at least I would have voiced my thoughts!

I hope it goes well for you. Please update after your appt!

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Hi Sophia!

I'm glad you are finally getting to see an RE. I'd say to expect them to do a ton MORE tests, if it is anything like here in the states. I've had more holes poked in my arm in the last few months... Biggrin

Like Kara said, I'd go in with some idea of what your preferences are so far as IUI/IVF. Our RE said with the "unexplained" diagnosis, we'd do medicated IUI for just a couple cycles to make the insurance company happy, and then move into IVF. For us, we plan to go longer with the IUIs, but that is just because that is what I'm comfortable with right now. Want to exhaust the possibilities there before going the full science route, if that makes sense? But, sitting there in the first meeting, I felt overwhelmed enough that I really didn't even say anything at that point.

I'd ask a lot of "Why" about the reasons for recommending whichever route. The reasons may be sound, but I know I like to have them explained so that I understand why they are making the suggestion. Some other questions:

- I'd also ask about timing of cycles, how often you have to go for b/w, u/s, etc.
- You might want to see if they will do unmedicated IUI cycles (if your O is pretty consistent). Mine wouldn't, but after this cycle being basically the same as any other despite the drugs, I kind of wish I'd been a little more insistent.
- If they are aggressive about IVF simply due to age (I was expecting that in that I'm 40, too) I would ask what the reasoning is. Do the hormone levels indicate a problem, or are they just going by the calendar?

I'm sure there are plenty more things to ask, but nothing is leaping to mind right now! I hope that the little bit of extra help is all you need to give Evie her sibling(s)! :goodluck:

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xp - Update on fertility clinic consult.

Sorry ladies, just back to this! My appt at the fertility clinic was ok, we are both "normal" for our ages, meaning that my infertility is mostly due to age, as FSH at 10 is normal at 40 yo. Based on stats, the dr's recommendation was IVF (of course), as stats apparently don't show IUI being any more effective than the old fashioned way. Wink

I have a pelvic u/s booked for Oct 19 and Day 2 bloodwork to be done probably in the next few days. We have a follow up appt with him in early Nov.

To be honest, I'm not really into IVF *just* to give DD a sibling. Might consider IUI though, I'll have to talk to the dr to see how supportive he is on that. But of course, I may completely change my mind on all this by appt time.

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Thanks for the update. My doctor used the exact same phrasing, that IUI wasn't statistically any better than natural trying in my situation either. I feel the same as you, however, about IVF. It is so hard to make that (huge) leap from natural conception all the way to IVF without trying the in between. I am pretty sure that even if we did decide to go through fertility, we won't be starting with IVF.

I hope the rest of your testing is successful and good luck with your decision.