Doctor's appointment today

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Doctor's appointment today

Had my long awaited appointment to discuss infertility today. He basically gave me two options: 1 - keep trying or 2 - laparoscopic surgery to clean up the endo and clear my tubes. We can't do any other "infertility testing or treatments" until we've been trying for a year, because of insurance. To be proactive he's going to do the lap surgery again (I had this done right before we conceived DS). If he finds that the endo is sever, he'll go ahead and give me my first shot of lupron (if I agree - I'm not sure yet). Have any of you had experience with lupron? I'd love to hear about your experience.

If after next month or the month after we're still not pregnant, he said he would concider putting me on a low dose of Clomid - but doesn't think I need it.

He also wants DH to get another SA done, since his last one was in 2007.

I don't know what I was expecting, but I'm bummed, emotional and stressed. I sort of had a mini breakdown when I left his office and had to go home and get myself together before I could return to work. THIS just sucks.

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Hi Dawn. I also have endo and I agree, it sucks.

I don't have any experience with Lupron at all, but I was just diagnosed about a year ago and had a laparoscopy and have been TTC ever since. If you are TTC, why does the doctor want to put you on Lupron? Will it increase your chances of getting pregnant? I am curious too.

Even though it sucks to have to wait, it is nice that the doctor has a plan, and that the laparoscopy worked for you last time. Hopefully that alone will do the trick for you, and you won't need any Lupron or Clomid anyway.

I've had lots of breakdowns leaving the RE's office, you are not alone! It just isn't fair that this can be so difficult, bottom line.

Keep us posted on how things go with everything!

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Kara, I'm so sorry you are dealing with it as well.

Lupron basically makes your body go into menopause and dries up all of the endo. Once the treatment is over and your body gets back to normal, the thought is that when trying to conceive you won't be competing with the endo any more.

Someone explained to me yesterday that with endo the outer shell of your eggs are harder than normal and that makes them harder for the sperm to penetrate.

My surgery is scheduled for MONDAY, Yikes! I don’t know why I’m so nervous, I’ve done it before.

Endo is just ONE of our issues. I didn’t even know I had endo until they did the first lap in 2007. At that time they found the endo and a bleeding cyst on one of my ovaries. DH’s sperm count is also low. He had two SAs done and the first was awful and the second (Nov 07) was better but still low.

Back in 2006/2007 I was having pains, but I didn’t know why. Now I know it was the endo. I started having really bad pains again about a year ago - - I’m talking feeling like I was in labor kind of pains. However, ever since I stopped taking BCP (June 11) I haven’t had any pains. Weird, right? Well one month I had really bad cramps, but that’s it. So I’m really hesitant to ok the lupron. I really don’t want to be taken out of the ttc game for so long.

So I’m currently in month 5 of TTC, so 7 more months to go if I want my OB to do more. However, I think that if I don’t get pregnant within a couple of months after the surgery and if my OB decides not to give me the Clomid, I’ll seek help through an RE.

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I also have endo, did the Lupron, and it still took us 2+ years after the lupron. I would NOT recommend it, I had lots of side effects and warped into a crazed woman! It seems to take a long time for your body to come off of it. Especially since you are trying, just seems like the timing is wrong for Lupron. JMO. You might research Femara, I know it's being used now too. Best of Luck. Really wish some of us didn't have to try so flippin hard!

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I opted not to do the lupron. My surgery was on monday and he cleaned up some scar tissue and endo, cleared out my tubes and found that one of my tubes was behind something (I can't remember)...being crushed, so it was not functioning. Hopefully our ttc efforts will work without having to use meds.

It really does suck...and seem unfair...that some of us have such challenges.

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