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Have any of you ladies taken Femara and if so what was your 2WW like? I'm 9DPO today and my boobs are absolutely killing me. They have hurt worse in the past and I tend to have sore boobs during the 2WW but they're different this time. I'm wondering if it's from taking Femara. My day 21 progesterone was 20.8 but I was only 5DPO. When I was on Clomid it was much higher and I didn't have such sore boobs. I'm also feeling sort of dizzy today and a little spacey but I have a cold. I'm to the part of the 2WW that makes me insane and I don't want to get my hopes up AGAIN. It's kind of hard to really after nearly a year of TTC with no success. I'm just wondering what others experiences are. I know Femara is out of your system much faster than Clomid so it seems to make more sense than I would have less issues during the 2WW. Any thoughts ladies?

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Hi Leah,
I just took Femara once and didn't really have side effects. Of course, I took Clomid once too and didn't really have side effects either. So I am not much help! I have been taking progesterone supplements for a long time, and I totally know what side effects those give me, so maybe they masked the Femara for me. I hope someone else can help you out here!