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Hi there! I had a question and I thought maybe you ladies might be of some help. I have super painful ovulation. A painful, tender, bloated, crampy, pain interspersed with sharp stabbing pains and lower backache that lasts for 3-5 days around ovulation. It hurts sometimes to have sex or to use the bathroom or even sit down to hard and if one of my kids sits on my stomach it feels like my insides are exploding. Sometimes after they sit or bump into my pelvis and the exploding pain happens is swear I can feel the pain spread all the way up to my diaphragm. (Crazy I know) I just started having this about a year ago. Some months are worse than others. I was just wondering if any of you ladies have this and if it's linked to any kind of infertility? I tried to google it but nothing seems to give me a good answer and I can't call my doctor because we're having a lag in our insurance right now. Thanks ladies for any insight you can provide! Smile

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Ash, that sounds like a really horrible experience for you every month! :bigarmhug: My immediate thought was that it sounds a lot like how women describe endometriosis. But, with it being around ovulation and not AF I wasn't sure. Went and did a little looking, and pain during ovulation CAN be a symptom. This was the page I found...about a quarter the way down is the symptoms list:

There are definitely women around here with way more experience than I, and they may have other suggestions or more information. I wish you all the best figuring this out and finding relieve, and I hope that your insurance gap is ending soon...I can't imagine living with that kind of pain every month.

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Well, that doesn't sound like much fun. I have endo, and had a lot of pelvic pain prior to my laparoscopy. It was not near as severe as you are describing, but I could definitely feel pain on one side with ovulation (I still do, but much less). I also had a large cyst on the painful side. The doctor said the endo was worse on the other side, so I feel like maybe it was the cyst causing the pain.

Anyway, the symptoms you are describing could be endo, but typically, there are also symptoms with and around AF. Do you have symptoms then?

I would definitely get it checked out when you have insurance. It's no good to live with the pain, regardless of TTC. As far as infertility, obviously I am having trouble conceiving now and it is a result of endo (and maybe my age also). But, I also had two children before I ever knew I had endo. Got the first one on the first try, second one almost a year, but without any treatment for endo. It's different for everyone.

Hope that helps a little. Best of luck to you!

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Hey Ash! Long time no chat!
What you are describing sounds exactly like what I experience. I have endo in my ovaries, also know as endometriomas. I also have a fibroid and they can cause those same symptoms. Definately see your doc when your insurance picks back up, I am in PA too and there is a program for uninsured women that covers gynecology and ob based on income called "select womens". I just was signed up and am hoping that I am approved for something. This fibroid has got to go! All my issues were diagnosed via ultrasound, maybe suggest that. I know the pain sucks and hope it eases up for you. Sometimes birth control helps, but I have found of all the over the counters that motrin seems to be the best. If you want to chat further PM me.
BTW your kids are so big (and gorgeous), don't know how time flies by as it does.