Help Anyone have experience w/ Injectable Fertility Drugs or IUI?

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Help Anyone have experience w/ Injectable Fertility Drugs or IUI?

Hi everyone,

I have Endometriosis, my husband and i are trying to concieve. I was on lupron from Jan 2010 till July 2010. Previously i had normal periods. Now my hormones are all messed up and my periods are not normal at all. My doctor put me on clomid which i did not response to. So now we are going to inject-able drugs, first off i really hate needles, the thought upsets my stomach. My husband is going to inject them for me (hopefully). I have my appointment tomorrow to see if i have ready i guess to start. This has all been kinda confusing and upsetting for me. from dealing with the constant pain ive been living with, to now all these issues. on top of all this during my surgery in dec 2009 they said my tubes are very damaged and it took alot of work to get dye to flow through them at all, but insurance wont pay for IVF until i have three failed IUI attempts, with damaged tubes and a high risk of etopic preg, why would they want me to risk doing IUI? they have so much say over what I do with my body.....frustrated, upset, i dont know how to deal with all hubbie trys to support me but doesnt understand.

i have a few close friends and they dont seem to understand either...anyone else had any experience with any of this or any suggestions? Sad

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I have done both injectables and IUI. The injectables are not as bad as you imagine. I hate needles also, but managed to give myself the shots. Make sure you do them at the same time every day. They will give you a class to teach you how to do it. You will get a little cramping with the IUI, but nothing you can't handle. Unfortunately none of it worked for me, but hopefully it will with you. If you have any questions or just need to talk, I am a PM away. Good luck