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Intro and question :)

Not sure if I've posted in here or not before, but since I can't remember I'll do a short intro since I now know officially that I'm having some kind of infertility problems.

DH and I have been married for about a year and a half and decided to start TTC about 9 months ago. We knew beforehand that I had PCOS so we knew it could take some time and also knew there might be complication since I'm immune compromised due to an immune disease that I was born with. What we didn't know was that it would get a LOT more complicated than we ever imagined. I've always had terrible cysts. One of them nearly killed me six years ago as it ruptured and I waited way too long to go to the ER and had already lost a lot of blood. I had surgery and they fixed it but it was a long recovery losing so much blood. Over the years I've had many giant cysts that surprised the doctors but haven't had another one bleed like that. PCOS was finally suggested and while I don't really fit the symptoms so much they figured I have it and it must be mild. Well, finally broke down and went to the RE after 9 cycles of trying and 3 failed cycles on Clomid even though I hyperovulated every time. The RE things it's endometriosis and I'm currently being evaluated.

I'm pretty sure he's going to recommend surgery...the more I read about it the more I'm sure that's what it is. I've been on the pill for the majority of my adult life, only coming off of it for a few months here and there to try a different one or something and he thinks the endo wasn't able to grow. I've now been off of the pill for a year and each AF gets worse and worse. The pain is getting pretty serious and I spend two weeks before sick to my stomach. I've also noticed any time I've had an ultrasound during AF I have cysts all over both ovaries. In a few days I go in for an ultrasound and an exam with the RE, get blood work results, and then we'll discuss what's next. Does anyone know how quickly they'll schedule the lap? I'd like to get it over with ASAP as I'm sick to death of jumping through hoops and just ready to really be trying to have a baby already. I feel like the last 9 months have already been a waste in a way and I know if he thinks I should have surgery I should but part of me just doesn't want to. I'm always having medical procedures done with the immune illness I have and sometimes I get so tired of it. I just hate that it's happening with TTC too.

Any advice anyone can give would be so greatly appreciated. Infertility is just so much harder to deal with than I ever imagined. Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever get that baby we dream about so much.

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I'm sorry you are dealing with this Sad I am not sure how soon they'll schedule your lap but as I can remember from few years back they will run a lot of tests before. The surgery itself is not very hard. Most discomfort I had was with the all the gas they pump you with.
My advice is to take it easy. I know you have heard that before but you have to take it one day at the time. The tests you will be going thru will stress your body a lot you do not want to add any more to it. There are things in life you cannot control and this would be one of them. Two years ago we were told that DH is not producing any sperm and that donor is our only option. In November we decided to do donor IUI but our RE suggested to run another semen analysis because DH lost a lot of weight. We were shocked to find out that we had a good sample for IVF.
I hope this helps and KUP Smile

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Leah, hello again!
I responded to your other post about endo yesterday and I think I told you a bit about my diagnosis and surgery. It was about 2 months between my first consultation with the doctor and my surgery. It might have been even quicker than that, because the doctor was off for 2 weeks over the holidays during that time. It was hard to be patient once I knew I needed the surgery.

As far as other "advice". It has been very hard for me emotionally to accept my infertility issues. It has been varying cycles of shock, hope, sadness, frustration, anxiety. It has been so hard to accept that I can't control this and have as many babies as I want. I try to keep calm, (not because I think "relaxing" will get me pregnant) but because I really believe that stress affects physical health. Yoga, acupuncture, finding a few minutes to do some stretching, reading. See if you can find a few things that work for you to help get you through this time. It's so difficult. Especially when there are long stretches of time just waiting for things to happen.

Good luck. Please keep us posted.

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Thank you ladies so much for the info. I would have lost my mind in the last two weeks if it weren't for this forum. I'm supposed to find out tomorrow what the doc wants to do. Of course I go tomorrow to the hospital to have my day 3 blood work and I find out, at the last minute and after I was told otherwise, that they no longer do lab work at the hospital on weekends or some crap. I was so furious. I hope it's okay anyway. They nurse at the RE's told me I should be fine as long as I got the blood work days 2-6. Technically today was 2 but I was hoping to have it done before I went to the doc tomorrow so I'd get all of my results in one appointment. I have an appointment with my PCP in the morning anyway so I think I'll see if she'll run the tests and then I have the appointment with the RE in the afternoon. Hopefully they can put a rush on it for me. Then I have the ultrasound and exam. Is it normal to still be bleeding from your period when you go to the doc for these tests? I don't think I'll be bleeding much but I will be some...I guess RE's are probably used to that but still...seems weird to me. Lol.

I've been thinking a lot about the surgery. And I'm not entirely sure I'd be willing to go through with it at this point in time unless he thinks it's my only option if I want to get pregnant. We know that I am having issues with infertility but we've only been trying 9 months so I'd like the option of trying something else for a few months first maybe. It hasn't even been a year since my last surgery and since I'm immune compromised surgery is not taken lightly for me. The chance for infection is much higher and my usual immunologist who helps decide if surgery is safe is out of the country right I'm not sure surgery now is the way to go. I keep reading that while TTC surgery may not be the best bet unless it's gotten so bad that there's no chance. I'm hoping he'll know if that's possible or not without having to do the surgery even though the surgery appears to be the only way to diagnose.

Do they always jump straight to it? It seems like if I have it we might be out of TTC for about 3 months and I'm so uncomfortable with that right now. It's already been two months that we've taken off while waiting to see the RE and get tests back and such and I'm just ready for some good news...Also he mentioned before that he thought if I do have endo that I probably never had symptoms before the Clomid because I didn't ovulate enough on my own. He thinks it's possible Clomid (which made me hyperovulate) jumpstarted the process and that's why I've had more pain and worse periods since then. It's only been 5 months since I started the Clomid though so I'm hoping if it's true it couldn't have done too much damage just yet. Okay I'm rambling now since my thoughts are making me insane. Thanks so much for the support ladies!