master cleanse and fertility
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Thread: master cleanse and fertility

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    My friend is obese and has PCOS in her ovary. She has irregular menstruation. this present month (march 2012)She is 2 years without monthly period. She did master cleanse on october 2011 which lasted 15 days. She is worried and decided to take medicine to normalize hormone,but When she did a pregnancy test and ultrasound on march 16,2012, she is already 3 months pregnant..
    I am wondering why and how did it happen? Is master cleanse diet a great aid for me to become pregnant? I am married for 2 years already. I already consulted an OBGynecologist, according to ultrasound result and other tests, my ovary is healthy, I don't have infections (ovary nor kidney)I am not obese, just abit fat. Im already 35 yrs old. my hubby is going to 40.
    Are there any inexpensive alternative to become pregnant?

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    I've never heard of master cleanse diet aiding in pregnancy, if you've been TTC with no success for 2 years it's probably time that you see a fertility specialist. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2010 and TTC for 2 years, I started seeing a specialist in December who told me that I don't actually have PCOS just ovaries that have PCOS tendencies (ie I don't ovulate) and this month I got my positive test. Best bet is to get both you and hubby checked out, most insurances cover all the required testing you will need but not sperm checking or the actual treatments. All in all to get pregnant (once I started seeing a specialist) I put out maybe 300$ + copayments, I don't think that's too expensive?
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