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Hi Ladies,

I hope all is well. I am new to this board and I have been diagnosed with PCOS last year. I found out about my issue after a few years of giving birth to my child. He's 6 years old now and I am also currently pregnant with my second.

My question is, has anybody here taken Metformin during pregnancy instead of Insulin? My OB mentioned about this but the Endocrinologist she referred me to says she's uneasey with that medicine?

I have done my research and there seemed to be more postive results for Metfromin. Only that this type of med need further research.

Please can you tell me your experiences? I have been recently diagnosed with IGT (Imparied Glucose Tolerance) or pre-diabetes (which I heard common with PCOS). My Endo and her team has been watching my glucose level. And if worse comes to worse, they are going to put me in Insulin. I have been on a diet and I am really hoping I won't have to go through it.

Thank you for your help and any inofrmation you will provide Smile


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I was on metformin for the first 14 weeks of my pregnancy, as I had been on it while undergoing fertility treatments and IUI. I slowly weaned off it & I've been fine. I'm assuming you'll be on the whole pregnancy? From what I read, they just don't know much about effects on pregnancy but it seems safe...

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I was on Met during my entire pregnancy. I was originally on 1000mg but dropped to 500 at about 20 weeks as my sugars were too low.

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I take 1500 a day of Metformin and took it my entire last pregnancy. My doc said that in her expierience, she has never had someone that took Metformin from before pregnancy thru out it, that ended up with GD. I researched it too, and kinda looked at it this way..... As far as I'm concerned, it is the only reason I was able to even get preggo, so why would I quit taking it?

p.s. Make sure they check your progesterone levels soon, as they tend to be low with PCOS and it's an easy fix with suppliments.


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I was on metformin for the first trimester of my pregnancy with my son. I am currently on it again to try and conceive for the second time.

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I was on it for the full duration of my last two pregnancies along with baby aspirin. I was told by my RE's and OB doctors that they recommended it as it reduces the chances of miscarriage, which happened to me prior to Journi. I did end up getting GD with my last pregnancy, but they stated it was due to me having twins since I never had GD with any other pregnancy. All three were born healthy, and despite the twins being 5 weeks early, they required no NICU and had normal blood sugar levels from the start. My GD went away instantly, but I had to deliver due to pruritus gravidarum and intrahepatic cholestasis, which also causes stillborns. It caused my levels to get so high, my liver was about to explode. I wonder if they are related to PCOS since PCOS affects not only the pancreas, but the liver. The side effects were not apparent until a couple weeks prior to delivering, and with many cases, the symptoms appear much sooner, so I wonder if the metformin slowed the process? My OB was fine with me even continuing the metformin at a low dose so my cycle remains regular. I do recommend checking progesterone levels as well as mine took a huge dip after learning I was expecting Journi, but they caught it on time, thankfully.