My appt. with the Endocrinologist.

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My appt. with the Endocrinologist.

After not counting on any Drs to help me for the last few years (after seeing a few that did nothing for me, I had given up hope!) I went to Iowa City yesterday and saw an Endocrinologist. I tried to express to them that while I do really want to have another baby (therefore I don't want to be on Birth Control), my biggest goal right now is to try to stop the irregular and heavy bleeding I am experiencing. I explained that I feel extremely blessed to have Xavier and so I can live with it if I never have another child. I can deal with that (I don't want to have to, but I can), but I cannot continue to live with the heavy bleeding causing me to be so tired and irritable. They said my problem seems to be that I am not producing enough of my own progesterone, so my body doesn't know when to shed the uterine lining. So what we are trying is taking Provera every 30 days (for up to 10 days each time), so if my body wasn't going to shed the lining on its will know to do it with the Provera. That hopefully will help me to have regular periods that aren't long and heavy. Added to that she has me on 1500 mg of Metformin a day to try to help me ovulate. She also have me a 3 month prescription of Femara. She said it is a newer med than Clomid but one of the side effects it doesn't have is that it doesn't thin the lining out like Clomid. I a going to wait a 2 or 3 months to take it though. I am going to see if the Provera and Metformin help. She did tell me something that was a bit scarey....she said with periods as irregular and heavy as mine I now (because I am in my mid 30s) run a higher risk of uterine/cervical cancer. So every few months I have to have a vaginal u/s to check the thickness and appearance of my lining. If it gets to thick or uneven, they will biopsy for precancerous cells. She said currently it looks fine, so no worries. She did however tell me some good news, they aren't concerned with DH's semen analysis. She said it isn't as bad as the local drs have made us feel. That was great to hear! Does anyone know anything about Femara, or has anyone taken it?? I was shocked that one month was $210! But even more shocked when our insurance company paid all but $20. They don't cover fertility treatments, only testing. But I read on the pamplet that came with it, that it is a breast cancer med. So I am guessing they don't realize they are using it to treat infertility....

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Hi Melody,
Yep sounds like a good plan. Femara is good for no side effects. It is an anti-estrogen and works very well. (well it did for stimulating me). I did not notice any horrible mood swings like I did with clomid, and I think I only had one or two hot flushes. (compared to the 20+ a day on clomid!) So it definately was a welcomed change. My fingers are crossed for you Smile