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New Here (child ment)

We are trying to conceive #2. It has been more than a year and we are starting to do the testing. I am really not looking forward to the HSG. REALLY. But DH had his first sperm analysis and it was definitely abnormal. So, maybe we are close to figuring out answers. I have worked hard and chosen a career with good pay, so IVF with ICSI is definitely an option. It took a long time to conceive #1, which we now think of as our miracle baby. In order for a semen analysis to be considered reliable, you have to submit at least three samples one month apart. So... we are still several months away from any procedures, regardless. Even though this has been a frustrating journey, I'm glad we are finally working toward getting some answers and hopefully a solution.


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Hi Neon,

I hope they are able to figure out an answer for you soon. My DH had one SA that was abnormal, but after that they were all normal, so one can be a little misleading.

As for the HSG, I've heard people who've had horror stories about them, but mine wasn't bad at all. Hopefully you're experience will be like mine.