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Hi i have been diagnosed with PCOS about 4 months ago... I have been trying for a baby for about 9 months... I am on Metformin and about the only thing it has done is bring back my periods and i have ovulated once since starting it... Should i ask for Clomid or just wait it out a lil longer im not sure what to do.... I would love any personal experiences with PCOS and that includes all of them... how you conceived how you dealt with the emotions how your DH/SO handled the news too.... anything you want to share about PCOS please do i am willing to learn anything i can about it

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I completely understand what you are going through. I have had PCOS for many years. I have a 7 yr old little girl, BUT have been TTC for 6 months now with no luck. I too am taking Metformin and have started Clomid in May. So far everything is fine. I tested pos on OPK and did the BD several times for days during and after--- just to be sure. I got a blood Progesterone test on the 21st day. don't know what the levels were though. So far am having hot flashes, mood swings, headaches, tender breasts and nausea. These things are said to be side effects of Clomid-- SURE WOULD BE NICE IF IT WERE SIDE EFFECTS OF PREG!!! Luckily No AF yet.

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Hello There. I have had PCOS for over 10 yrs. I was on metaformin last yr for 6 months. for the first two months i did fertility drugs with it and got pregnant after 3 1/2 yrs of trying on just clomid. I had a really good doctor. Plus i went on a diet eating 6 small meals a day and lost 10 lbs in two months as well. I had been trying to lose weight since I turned 18 and was never able to because the dr never treated me before this one. It was a VERY ROUGH path when it came to wanting to be a mama. I can remember the days where I would just cry and the days where I would see other people with kids and cry. It is rough but as long as you have a supportive husband and friends and family, you will get through it. I am here now too. So I am supportive!

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Well i have 2 little boys one will be 5 in december and the baby just turned 3 a few days ago... i never had a problem getting prego with either one of them... i get so upset because i feel "broken" and i cant do what god put me here to do i know that sounds silly... and DH tries to be as supportive as he can but he dosent understand how i feel so sometimes its a lost cause with him

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I understand how you feel. I felt the exact same way!

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I was diagnosed with PCOS before I got preggo the first time. I started off on Clomid, never had a good O.then did and HSG.then tried Met, met was horrible for me.I had explosive diarhea, I only took it 3 wks. The dr said I shouldn't take it if I had diarhea (yea he should have told me that beforehand!). The I did Femara, not great, but a semi normal cycle. Then we did Fem, HCG shot and IUI and I got my bfp 2 wks later!

Anyway, what I have learned from the PCOS is that it is just playing around until you find what works for you. If you feel Met isn't working then tell your dr and see what he suggests.

Also after I got preggo the first time, after that bfps came alot easier. I think that it is because I ate really healthy during my first pregnancy and lost a lot of weight afterwards. Since then I try to stick to a fairly healthy diet. I try not to eat breads, pastas and other carbs/sugars. I have always been close to being diabetic and I think sugars were to blame for me (even though I didn't eat lots of sweets and stuff before, any sugar throws me off)

GL! Also there is a PCOS board on here, you should check it out.

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Eptopic Pregnancy

I have pcos too. It sucks. I was on metformin for awhile with another medication spinlactone if I spelled it right. Well this past year I finally went to a gyn because I wasn't having my periods. The metformin wasn't working for me anymore. So she sent me for a ultra sound and that came back normal. But now she is sending me for a Prolactine blood test. Could it be an eptopic pregnancy? I tried looking online but most of those sites I don't trust. Any info will be helpful.

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I wish i had some info for you but i have no clue. I just found out i have PCOS so i dont really know much about it the way it is

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I have SEVERE PCOS. I tried Metformin and it was terrible for me. I had diarrhea, vomiting....all kinds of tummy issues. So my doc gave me Avandia. Does the same thing without the tummy issues. My 1st daughter (12) was conceived on clomid, 1st cycle. Fast forward....wanted more kids. Tried for several years with no luck. Natural, Clomid, Injectable IUI cycles and 3 IVF cycles later....I had twin girls. Everyone is different. It isn't impossible to get pregnant with PCOS, just a bit harder. Make sure you communicate with your doc if you don't feel like anything is working for you. I wish you ALL the best of luck!!! I know this totally sucks and I completely understand that 'broken' feeling. :bigarmhug:

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I agree with everyone on here. It is a frustrating process (we've been trying 18 months with no luck). I would say ask for Clomid if that is what you want to do. Be proactive - most doctors do not mind. And if it comes to it, shop around for doctors. I had to go to three before I found the one that is the best fit for me and started me right on an injection IUI cycle. Good luck!

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I have PCOS too (never realized how common it was until I was diagnosed and started looking it up). I have been trying to get pregnant for just over a year and have been in fertility treatment since May of this year. My RE started me out on Metformin + Clomid and still nothing in terms of ovulation.

Next step for me will be Menupur, an injectable hMG with an HCG trigger shot and Intrauteral Insemination.

I am frustrated that it is taking so much effort to get pregnant (I mean isn't this stuff just supposed to be natural???), but am glad to have options. I am also glad that my dr is taking a more aggressive approach and not keeping me on something that isn't working for a long time.

I know what you guys are saying about facebook being evil when you're going through fertility issues. It's like, yes, I am happy for all of my friends who are pregnant and have cute little kids, but its also a painful reminder.

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I'm a little late to the party here but did want to agree with everything the previous posters have said. I've been dx'd with PCOS for over 6 years now (just turned 30). We have been trying for a child for almost 2 yrs. I'm sorry for all of the difficulties everyone is having. It can be a pretty lonely road to travel sometimes. You don't really want to wish it on anyone but it's good to know that you aren't the only one.

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I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16, I am now 42. I was able to conceive my son using only metformin, it can happen.

GL to everyone dealing with this awful disorder.

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