Thinking of TTC but is it too soon?

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Thinking of TTC but is it too soon?

I was on the feb 2012 board but my little one came at 34 weeks on Dec 29 2012. She's doing GREAT now lol almost too good to be true to be honest. My husband is due home next month from deployment(We are an Army family). We talked about having another child but I don't know what to do. I have talked it over with my mother. I am turning 34 next week. We are almost certain he will be deploying towards the end of next year. I'm scared that if we don't start TTC soon after he gets home that 1) It will take a long time since she was/is an Infertility pregnancy which I obtained using injectables 2) I'm not a spring chicken 3) I'm scared of having a big age gap because she already has a half brother who will be 7 next March. I don't know how long I should wait untill we are active with the TTC because doesn't our bodies need time to heal after having a child. I'm in such a rock and a hard place. Scared to not jump the gun but scared that if I don't I will miss my chance since I already have infertility issues. Thank you in advance for any input, it's all welcome.

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I think the biggest question is whether or not you will be ok with one if you happen to conceive right away. When I say ok, I mean happy and thrilled to be bringing another person into your family. And also, how will your husband feel about this. We worried about this as well and it ended up taking 2 years to conceive #2 (with IVF) after more than a year trying for #1.

If he is going to be deployed, have you thought about IUI (intrauterine insemination) when you are both ready? I don't even know if docs out there would do this, but seeing as deployments are so long - it doesn't seem crazy to me. Also, this could buy you some time if your TTC doesn't work out while he is here.