2 Deaths in in 4 months
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Thread: 2 Deaths in in 4 months

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    Unhappy 2 Deaths in in 4 months

    Hello, my name is Michele I have been on prg.org for a while and lurking here since July. In July my Grandmother died for a long illness. It was still hard. Two of my Aunts and my Daddy helped care for her for 7 years. One of the Aunts that took her in and cared for her died tonight. 2 weeks after my Nannie died she found out she had lung cancer. Now she's gone too. It's just not fair!!!! She devoted 7 years of her life and home to my Nannie - yea I know it was her mama but still - and the moment she goes to have a life again she dies!!!!!!!!! It's not fair!! Now I have to tell my two boys we are going to yet another funeral. They loved this great Aunt. Now I wake up wondering - God forbid - when I'm gonna get a call that it's my parents. I am not ready for that!! I am so scared and sad. Sorry to rattle on was't sure where else to go. I live a hour away and right now we are down to one van so I can't hope in the van and go to my family. My Dad is hurting and he is a quiet strong man. I don't know what to do.

    Sorry again for rattling on and probably sounding babish but I am glad this is here.


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    Oh! Its really bad news and I m so sorry for your losses. 2 deaths in just 4months is very awful and really hurting you. I know its very tough time for you and difficult to see these losses. Its so painful when we lost our loved one.
    I know you are in deep grief with these losses. I also lost my nanny last year and I really miss her. She loved me lot and I too. You can trying to live normal. Death is the reality of our life and We are nothing against God power. Be strong and think forward.
    My prayers with you.

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