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I lost my mom in the same time frame that you lost your DH.

She found out she had canser in Jan 2004 had her first surgery Feb 2nd and we lost her 8/9/04 just 16 days before I gave birth to her first grand child. She was 49 how old was your DH and what did he have?

Mom's started as Kidney canser that involved her vina cava before they found it. I got married just 5 weeks after that surgery and she was week but attended. Then it went to her hart just 10 short weeks after the first surgery and she had open hart surgery and we almost lost her durring that surgery. Then about 8 weeks passed and they found it in her hip bone and she had radation at that location. As of July 2004 she was clean as far as cat scans could show, she even made the trip to GA to see me and had plans to return for my birth and say the entire month of Sept in GA. Only to show up in her brain the last week of July and 2 short weeks after treatments of radation started on her brain she was gone.

When we found out she was sick in Jan they gave her 9 months and it is so sad how we did not belive them and how true the perdiction was. I only found out I was prego 10 days before she got the news.

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Man! I'm never here any more, am I "T"? :shock:
I'm so sorry about the loss of your mom.
James was told in early Feb 2004 he had some abdominal tumors... it took almost to the end of the month to be told it was Burkett’s Lymphoma. A rare type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. 200 cases a year diagnosed in the US, and he was one of them. No known cause or preventative measures.
He was in and out of UCLA for 4 months with intensive brutal treatments for the chemo. We were told that the cancer treatment had a 75% rate for remission and 75% of those patients never had a relapse.
He was home for JD's first steps, then spent JD's 1st birthday at UCLA.
He finished his last round of chemo the end of June and was supposed to go back to UCLA for a recheck and final scan the next week. Didn't happen. He had a serious infection and I took him back to the hospital on July 5th. Between his veins being destroyed from all the chemo and dehydration it was hard to get and keep a line in him in the ER. He had several internal infections that abscessed... He spent the last month of his life at our local hospital in and out of CCU, had several major surgeries to try and remove the abscessed areas...

Anyway, I screamed and yelled until they transferred him back to UCLA... He passed away 2 hours after they transferred him there... multiple heart attacks from all the stress of all the chemo and operations and dehydration... it destroyed his heart muscle

When the autopsy report came back the chemo had not worked. The cancer was everywhere. Every major organ (with the exception of his brain and heart) in his body had cancer cells.

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How sad. I too don't come here much I need to more. I feel like I am in a new stage of morning. My DS is 2 1/2 and man I could use some support from mom if she was here and my DD is just learning to stand and I so wish mom could see it and get to know the grandchildren she always wanted but died to early to enjoy.

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I am very sorry for your mother's death due to cancer. I pray for her to the God to grant her suol rest in peace. I also pray for you and your family's welfare and good health..