4 years ago today (death mentioned)

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4 years ago today (death mentioned)

4 years ago today my grandfather passed away.I was not at his side..i just couldnt be..i wanted to remember him how he was before he got sick.It all started a few months prior...he started falling,some slurred speech and we thought he had a stroke.He was put in a rehab place and seemed to get better..he was on steroids at the time.Well when he came home it got worse...he needed help getting up,needed help going to the restroom..started talking as if he was a young boy to his father.I used to have to babysit him so my grandmother could go grocery shopping.It was really scary seeing this man who was a father figure for me like this.Fast forward a month..i believe it was a month could have been more or less.My wedding was april 24th..my grandfather was taken via ambulance to the hospital april 22 or 23rd.I cannot remember the reason he was taken if it was difficulty breathing or possible stroke.But he was taken and they ran tests.After the tests were done we were told he had a brain tumor,throat and lung cancer...it may have spread more places but i cant remember.he'd had colon cancer previously and i read somewhere that even if you remove it there is a possibility that this can cause cancer in other places..It was a very very fast spreading cancer i mean so fast that by the time you found it its too late.All the nurses could do was keep him comfortable.I remember things he did,he acted like he was petting the dog and he was in so much pain.He didnt know who any of us were..that was so hard realizing.My grandma decided it was time for him to go so she put the do not resuscitate and i believe he was just give pain meds and liquids..he was beyond anything else if that makes sense. He passed away 4 days after i was married.I was at the hospital the next morning to visit and went back daily.I wish my grandfather had been at the wedding,that he had gotten to meet his grandchildren.He did live a full life but there was so much i wish i would have asked him i wish i could have gotten him to write down things.I do think it was better for him that this happened so fast becuase if he would have known he would have gone into decline far faster then he did.Charlies T H----- passed away april 28 2004.
fast forward to april 28,2008
he would have loved kyle and chloe so much!he would have been 85 years old.My grandmother has Alzheimer's now so we think its best not to remind her of my grandfathers passing.So much has changed in 4 years.

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Hello peggy9,
I m so sorry for heard about your grandfather. I think your grandfather live their full life and then he died. I know its hard time for you and hurting you. I lost my grandfather when I was 7years old. I miss him so much and I can't forget him.
Any older person is chief of our family and pushed our life. After their death we feel alone and going in deep loss. I also suffered fro this situation. You can trying to live normal and be strong. I pray to God for you.