Another loss in less than a year ...

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Another loss in less than a year ...

Thank you all for the loving support and kind words after my Dad's death from colon cancer last July. Even though I don't check in a lot, just seeing the responses helped so much.

I'm here again ...not even a year later.

My grandmother was tragically killed in a car accident last Wednesday (April 4th). We lovingly called her Mimi. She was more than a grandmother, she was a dear friend. We saw each other every week, and though age-wise she was old, body and heart wise she was very young. She had never been sick, I mean beyond a cold, a day in her life.

From eye whitness reports, the sun was brighter that day than ever, and it was right in her eyes. She pulled out in front of an SUV, and it hit her side. She did not wear a seat belt. The doctors said she most likely died on impact, thankfully. They said they don't think she even knew she was in a wreck. That is a blessing.

My 13-year-old brother was in the car too. Amazingly, he walked away with only a bump on the head. He did have his seat belt on.

I'm depressed, however, I think I am handling this a little better than when Dad died. Maybe it's because I am still in mourning for him? I don't know. It's been a hard year. I find I am turning to God more every day.

I'm going to plant some flowers to honor her more. I miss her. She was such a special lady. She gave away almost every thing she had to others. She was truly an angel here on Earth.

What a hard year ....

I don't post a lot here, but I have been lurking lately. I actually used one of the poems in the annoucement area for my Dad's funeral. It helped so much because it reminded me of him. This board is great support.

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HUGS I lurk here alot after I lost my mom and I have been wondering if you would post here after I read about Mimi on the CD board.

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I'm so sorry for your loss of your grandmother after the loss of your dad. I'm so very glad you are getting comfort from God. And I find this board helpful too!

I think planting flowers is a great honour.


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I am sorry for your loss of your Dad and Grandmother!

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I am so sorry for your losses. I don't know what I would do if I lost my grandmother. I lost my dad 10 years ago and my mom 20 years. My grandmother is all I have left.

Please consider yourself hugged. Anytime you need support come to this site. The people here are wonderful.

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When we lost our loved ones in just short time, Its really painful to us. I m so sorry for your grandmother and dad. Our parents are important to us and we can't live without them. We needs them.
My friend lost his parents in just short time and hes really hurting and crying all the time. He is alone without their parents. Life is very big, be strong and think forward. I pray to God for yo u.