Anyone else being Harrassed?

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Anyone else being Harrassed?

I was just wondering if I am the only one.

The absolutely disgusting website called 'Bastion of Evil' has posted a link to my son's memorial website in their forum at:

I know the people come from there because I have a javascript running on my website telling me where the visitors are coming from. It's disgusting members are now flooding me with absolutely HORRID guestbook entries and emails that I posted here:

Anyone else being harrassed? I reported them to the FBI and IFCC and there is someone else helping me in getting them off the net.

If anyone else can help me getting this FILTH off the net, I would appreciate it deeply.

Thank You!


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I am so deeply sorry for this. losing a child is hard enough. To have people dishonor them in this way tewars me apart. I really hope that these people will pay for this. I am sorry for your loss.


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Silvia Im sorry people are doing horrid things with your beautiful memorial of Alex.

I have not visited your page for ages.
How is Nicky doing?
I see he is 8.5 now, wow how time flys.

I love your siggy pic of Connor, he looks like such a charmer Wink

Please check in more often, i love hearing from you (not under these circustances) and hearing how your boys are doing.


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hello from the uk

ive pmd her abou this.these scum come from the uk and proudly call themselves the united peadophile front.
one of them has been spamming my guestbook with offensive messages about me and my wife and child.
he goes by the name of peter b* i once had his email addy but now do not.he is peter b* and his cell number is *removed by management* you may have to add an international code to sorry i cant help anymore ive told my internet server about this but he still seems to be doing guess he hides in his local library and uses dial up which will disguise his isp./thank you.mark.

**Message Edited to remove personal identifier and phone number given. While you do have my heartfelt sympathy for the harassment this person(s) has caused, we are not the proper authorities that can use this information. If you have any questions please []Email Me[/email]. Thanks. ~Missy