Cover Me - A personal Grief Loss Self Help Book

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Cover Me - A personal Grief Loss Self Help Book

I wrote this book after the loss of 3 incredible friends to me. Ultra close ones even at that. My editor published it for me but I am also legally allowed the E-Form of my book. It can be read in pdf and is only 76 pages long. I didnt write this book to make money, I wrote this book to help some people who are suffering horrendous losses of love understand that its not the absolute end and how to recognize the signs of the comfort even their passed on loved ones can offer.

I am more then willing to send anyone in this forum a free E-Copy of this book that I know 100% will help you immensely if you pay attention to the unbelievable but indisputable miraclous happenings in each of these stories.

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I would love an E-copy of your book. I looked at the Bookstore where i live and have been unable to find anything on the topic that i think i will be able to read all the way through. Most are too long or not on topic for me.

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Its really helpful and I also need a E-copy of this book. You give us wonderful information. Thanks for sharing with us.