Dealing with m/c, fathers death, and pg

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Dealing with m/c, fathers death, and pg

I had a miscarriage in may and my father was so excited to be a grandpa and then unexpectedly at the age of 48 my father died on sept.14, 2 weeks later i get pregnant, i am still trying to deal with my fathers death and trying to stay positive and block things that will upset me about him, but im finding that harder and harder to deal with now that i am pregnant and my hormones are raging, so also i am terrified that i was miscarry again, and then have to deal with on top of everything its just so much at once, this is my first child and now its just so hard to believe i will actually carry full term....i am also participating in the first trimester pregnancy pals board, but do not want to bring down the cheerful atompshere with everyone there, so i am so thankful i have found this board....

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1st - Congratulations and HH9M!

2nd - I wish I had some wise words, but all I can think is that you need to try and get your rest to help the little one, and although it's not the same b/c I can't see them together, it helps me to think that my parents DO know my kids, and my kids DO know them. I don't know if you are religious - many would not consider me to be so, but maybe thinking of your dad as your little one's guardian angel will give some reassurance for the baby, as well as 'involve' your father for you!

You are dealing with a tremendous amount right now - and it is so thoughtful of you to not want to alter the atmosphere on your other board! Have you tried the Birth Board for June yet? Even now, two years after we all joined our board, the ladies I 'talk' with are some of my closest friends, and gave me the strongest support recently when it was needed.


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First congrats for your second pregnancy and I m also feel sorry for your father. Our parents so exited from our babies and they want to be grand parents. They feel honor to be grandparents. I understand your feelings. You put a good step to join this board because its very helpful and you can deal your grief.
Now you can concentrate your mind on your second baby.
God Bless you.