Do you think this was a sign?

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Do you think this was a sign?

That my Richard was showing me that he knows and would be there with us?

Ricky started Junior Kindergarten this year. Today is his first day. I was getting sad, yet another milestone that his dad doesn't get to see. But then I remembered....

Yesterday, my BIL, Richard's brother called. He's the executor of their mother's estate. Every September for back-to-school, my MIL had money set aside for the grandchildren. He was calling to get my mailing address so that he could send a cheque. We talked a bit, he even talked to Ricky. We talked about how Ricky was starting school the next day. It was nice to chat with him; I hadn't spoken to him since the spring. And of all the days to call, he called the day before Ricky started school. Biggrin Maybe just a sign of Richard acknowleging his son's milestone. :cry:

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(((HUGS))) I think it is great that your BIL is including Ricky in the back to school funds. The timing of the call was perfect too. You never know as far as signs being sent.
I remember sitting on the couch w/James shortly after we were told he had a tumor. He saw our son toddleing across the room, got all misty and said "I'm glad I was able to see him take his first steps." Even though he is not here in the physical sense, I belive he is still here with us.
He can see you and his son. Just hold that in your heart.
I hope he had a good first day at school.