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    Default DREAMS

    Okay now...... John comes to me in my dreams! I go to bed not thinking about him, but wake up remembering dreams of him.... He is always coming back to me in my dreams, wanting me to be his wife, loving me....

    Could he possibly be trying to talk to me beyond the grave?

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    Or it could be you. Wish fulfillment, like, wouldn't it be nice if he came back? Maybe deal with issues that is bothering you subconsciously?

    I don't think that those who pass make us crave what we can't have. When they visit us in dreams, it is characteristic of passing a message on to us about either our current situation, or one that's forthcoming.
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    I have been draming about my mom that last few weeks.

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    My brother died when he was hit by a car while he was crossing the road... we were very close (he was the eldest and I am the Youngest...11 years apart). When he died he was 29 years old and I was 18. It's been almost 12 years since he passed but I still have dreams where I see him and run to him and wrap my arms around him and he tells me he isn't really dead.
    I wake up crying usually and for days after find I am greiving for him all over again. The worst part is I would hate it if these dreams stopped.
    I know that these dreams are probably just my minds way of trying to deny that he's gone.

    Does anyone else have dreams where their passed love one tells them they aren't really dead?

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    Its pretty good that he comes in your dreams and meet with you. I lost my uncle and he also comes in my dreams because I loved him lot. I can't forget him.
    I think your John alive in your dreams. He definitely talk with you in your dreams. I pray to God for you.
    May God Bless you.

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