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    To my beautiful niece,

    I can't believe it's been 8 years to the day that you were so cruelly taken away from us, from your Mummy and Daddy and brother and sister. We were all so heart broken to find out you'd never breathe a breath of fresh air.

    I still remember holding you in my arms and wishing that you were just asleep. The pain I felt through my body when it hit me that you weren't going to be coming home was unbelieveable and my knees buckled. I could only imagine how your poor Mummy felt!

    We all loved you so much.

    I wish I knew you now. You'd be completely different to your sister, a little bit of a tomboy and totally aware of everything. More sensible than her too I hope lol! You'd be the chatterbox, always asking questions and I know you would adore your little cousin Leia. I named her after you, so you knew I hadn't forgotten and that I love you and miss you everyday!!!

    We will all be together one day Ellie.

    Lots of love,
    Aunty Kristi xxx
    Me - Kristi, 30
    DD - Leia, July 5 2008

    I luurrrrrve to lurk!

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    Hi Ellie Rose ! I feel very painful and sorry for your niece whom you have missed. Really it is very difficult to forget the time and moments we had spent with some lovingone. I know your heart is comming out for her, but it is natural and we human beings always have to suffer these deaths, my sympathy words for you.

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