Empty feeling

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Empty feeling

Does the empty feeling ever go away? Dad passed last week after a long and hard-fought battle with colon cancer. I knew I would miss him, but I didn't expect the world to feel so empty. It just feels like something big is missing now. Sad I guess that is normal, but do you ever feel okay again or do you just learn ways to cope?

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It's ways of learning to cope. You find a new normal. :bighug: It's still so early for you. The first year is the hardest. And just when you think you are over it, something reminds you of your loved ones, and the feelings of loss comes back.

I'm on year 5. The pain is dull, but still there. Tomorrow, I'm supposed to go to Dh's family reunion. Ricky is very excited, but I hate the reminders of the pain. I do it for him though...

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It is very difficult having crucial time like this when you lost your father. It is a great loss to you and it can't be compensated with any thing else until you got a new family member in your family. I think that is the only way to cope up with this loss. Secondly it is the time who makes you forget for the sake of your health.