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I need to let some greif out. As i posted before my FIL passed away Feb 19 and Isabelle was born Feb 25. This has been the hardest 8 months. the closer it gets to the holidays the harder it gets. To top things off my BIL had a baby on Oct 16. this makes two grand babies born within the year of his death. he did not even know that my BIL was having another. Will it get any better? What can I say to my dh to help him though the rest of this year and though the first part of next? Since our daughter will have her very first birthday around that some time as hispassing.

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Liz, I am sorry for your loss. When I first read this, I was at a loss for words, so I went to my dh, he lost his mom when he was 8, she died suddenly 2 weeks after mothers day. Dh is 24 now and he still gets upset around mothers day. He told me that it does get easier and that it is always hard the first holiday. I think it was harder on him when our kids were born. I know it is hard, I think the best advise I can give is to just be there for him. I promise it does get better. I am here if you need to talk. I hope this helps.

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I am so sorry for your loss, Elizabeth. I am very new to grief, as my dad passed away exactly one month ago today. My heart just breaks for my mom, and I know what it's like to feel so helpless as you watch another person suffer the loss of someone close. I will try to dig up a poem that has helped me. (((HUGS))).

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Hugs my mom has been gone 14 weeks today. It feels so strange not to buy her a gift. What is making it easer so far is that we are not giving gifts to DH's mom and Dad we are giving them a joint gift and we are giving my dad the same joint gift so it is the same thing we would have done if she was around. DH and I are taking Peter and having our first family pic and giving an 8x10 to the grandparents.

I am also hoppingthe excitment over it being Peters first christ miss will help but I havea feeling it may make me miss her more only time will tell.

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I am really sorry for your loss. my grandpa died Nov 10, 2003 and my niece was concieved that day. When she was born it was bittersweet. We were over joyed to have her here but also a little sad because while one life was taken, another was made. One comfort for you is that you can look at these babies and remember your FIL. take Care!