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first dates

My last first date was October 7, 1989.
And all the things that go through your head. He called me last night. I told him I felt strange talking about James. I caught myself refering to him as "my husband". Well, he's not here, technically I'm not married. But he's not my ex either. So I'm just going to refer to him as James. That is a 12 year habbit I developed, refering to him as "my husband". I don't really know what else to call him, or refer to him as.
I hope today goes well.... fingers crossed.

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How'd your date go?

I have only stopped calling Richard as "my husband". Mainly because up until now, most people I've known or dealt with knew my marital status. But now I finally refer to him as "my late husband". My problem with that is I always get that joke in my head about my husband who's always late, and when I say "my late husband" I can't help ROFL in my head, and people look at me funny.

It takes a while I think to know how to refer to them. It's part of the new normal you gotta find.

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well my date canciled on me :roll:
I'm just dead on my feet here and it's not 3:30 yet.

I just jumped on for a sec b4 running out the door.

LOL about the "late DH" thing, I would probably giggle too Wink I used to introduce him to people as "my first husband" Biggrin