Gramma passed.

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Gramma passed.

Well the family all knew the day was comming. Gramma passed in Augest. but it still hurts. I lived with gramma for a few years. No matter what i did she supported me. My now husband and i went to his dads for a weekend and i came back and went to work, and someone there walked up to me and said oh ur grammas dead. Man did i ever want to hurt him. WEll i got a hold of my brother and it turned out, she wasnt but they called the family in. SO i left work and went up to the hospital were she was and called my hubby. He came up with me. and there she was laying in bed helpless. I could smell the death. and yes there is a smell. well i stayed with them that night and got addmitted the next night. Gramma passed a few days later. The night she went, we had to call 3 of my auntys in. I was standing outside about 2 hrs earlyer adn was asking god to take her, so she didnt have to suffer any more. i looked up and there were two stars in the sky, i figured it was my grandpa and uncle that had both passed yrs ago. (on her side, husband and son i should say)......... my husband and i moved the date of our wedding up a year so she could be there. i was so close to her and now shes gone. my husband was even close to her, she loved him, he was the only grand kid (kinda) that did ne thing for her besides me. they had her cremated, and out at the cemetary i held it together, and wen i did the ulagy *sp* i held it together i was shaking like crazy. but at the end i lost it. a lady gave each of my aunts and my cousins and i each a rose,. i was the last one, i got mine and ran to my mom and started bawilng then hubby came up and started bawling. it was the worst day of my life. i hated not having gramma at our wedding. I put a rose on a chair for her to. just about started bawling then to.

sorry its so long.

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sorry for your loss sweetie, I lost my mother Oct 23rd... She was only 52 from breast cancer...
Your grandmother was there at your wedding looking down on you, that was a really sweet jesture with the rose on her chair...

I got married in Sept 04 and my husband's father passed away 2 years earlier and we got a vase engraved with in loving memory, his name and placed a yellow rose in it, near us at the alter... It made my husband and mother in law feel better to think he was watching over us... hang in there sweetie....

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I m very sorry for heard about loss. Its serious time for you. I lost my grandfather some years ago and I really miss him. I understand your feelings. Its really shocked news when we heard that our loved one passed.
If you want deal with your grief then join grief counseling group, its really helpful and easy to deal with our grief. I pray to God for you and for your family.
((((((((HUGS FOR YOU))))))))