Happy Father's day!

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Happy Father's day!

To those daddies that have to be daddies from beyond Sad

I know they must be watching their babies grow.

The first father's day without Richard was when Ricky was 18 months old.

I was putting Ricky to bed, trying to get him to calm down. When I watched him giggling and staring above him. He use to do that when his daddy would be playing with him before I put him to bed. And his father would tower over him, tickling him and covering his belly with kisses.

And as I'm watching, Ricky is giggling like crazy, batting at the air. I look up, but see nothing. I look at Ricky, and he's focused on something above him, still giggling.

And I say: "tell daddy you have to go tobed now. tell daddy bye bye but you need to sleep now"

Ricky waves up to the ceiling, then rolls to me and quiets down, sucking his fingers.

And that was the first father's day without daddy, but i know he was there, as he always is, making his appearance at the special times, for his boy.


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I'm in tears. My kids see James arround bed time a lot too.

Wish I could :sad11:

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I know what you mean. It's been months since I've had a dream about Richard. I miss him Sad

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Very sad after going through your story. It is very horrible time i have had ever think about. what a little baby think of his father ? and how you manage after him. I hear goes out to you and your family. I pray to the eternal father to bless your family.