Helping a friend with death of a child

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Helping a friend with death of a child

I just got an email from a friend that her 7 year old daughter died from a brain hemorrage (sp?). It was totally unexpected. My heart is just breaking for her and her family (she also has a 4 year old son). I would appreciate any suggestions on how to help her and her family. She lives overseas in Asia so I can't visit her. I sent an email response to her but the words of sympathy seemed so empty and trite. I know I can't take the pain away but I would like to help ease it if I can. Any suggestions on what could help? I understand grief is personal and individual. Thanks.

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I think just being there and listening is the best help you can be. If she wants to talk, or chat on IM, just listening is the best thing a friend can do. The more a grieving person talks about the loved one, the more it keeps their memory alive. No one ever dies as long as their love is remembered.

:bighug: So sorry for your friend's loss. It's so heartbreaking. Sad

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Memorials are a very comforting thing to me as a mom who lost a daughter at age 12. For example, our daughter loved to read prolifically, so my best friend 2 states away started a library of used books donated. It was called Shelby's library and was donated to schools with very needy kids. Maybe you could think of something that was special about your friend's daughter and do some type of memorial in her name.

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Its really heartbreaking. I m very sorry for your friend's loss. My heart totally goes out for her. She is poor mother that she lost her daughter, Its very awful time. Sometimes God give us very hard time and we difficult live in this time.
I understand feelings of your friend. My sister-in-law also her baby last month and she crying all the time. This is all in God hand, we are nothing against Gods power. I suggest you don't loose your hope and trying another baby. My wishes with you.