Its been 3 months

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Its been 3 months

Its been 3 months since my dad passed away. He became sick in November and we were told he had 6 months. Due to my mom working and the distance between us dh and I decided to move in with them. In January 7 days before his 75th birthday he passed quietly. I am so mad at my old boss. She knew he wasn't doing well. I usually get out of work at 7 but that night I had to go to another store out of town so I never got to say goodbye. I live in Maine and my mother has gone to VA. Its been so hard.

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That's terrible that you didn't get to say goodbye. My prayers are with you in your healing journey. I hope things get easier on you.

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First, I m very sorry for heard about your father. Its very terrible for you that you can't get to say goodbye. I know what you think in this time and so hard time for you. I know its severe pain when lost our loved ones.
We need our parents and we don't live without our parents. Its so difficult to us. My friend lost his parents and now he is alone and crying all the time. Time heal all wounds, after passing some time all wounds become healing. You can trying to move on and think about your future life. Life is very big and you should caring for your family. My prayers with you.