just lost my husband, 15 weeks pregnant

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just lost my husband, 15 weeks pregnant

i'm not sure how to write a post like this, i guess because i never thought i would be. but two weeks ago my whole life was turned upside down and i don't know what to do.

i'm 27, as was my husband. two weeks ago he took his own life, leaving me 15 weeks pregnant and completely confused and distraught. i'm not sure what i should even say or what i'm looking for from this posting...but i don't know how to get through something like this. i've never lost anyone and even though things weren't perfect with us and he had some problems, i didn't think i'd lose him. i didnt' think i'd be left carrying and raising this baby alone. i'm staying with my parents now at least till the baby's born next year and they've been great but i've never been this lonely and hopeless before. people are telling me i have to focus on the baby, etc etc., but i'm having a hard time caring about that or anything.

like i said, i'm not even sure what i'm looking for or what i think i can get from this...i just had to do something, i guess.

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I am so so sorry. I dont know what I could possibly say to make you feel any better. This is so terribly tragic for you. I hope that you find strength from your family, and your baby, and I pray that you have all the love and support that you need.

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Really-2 tough time for you. I m so sorry for loss of your husband. I understand your feelings what you feel this time. Your husband left you alone in critical situation. Now you think about your baby and totally caring your baby. I know you are alone but don't loose your hope and be strong.
If you staying with your parents then you can care your baby more. Don't be depressed and don't take any tension during pregnancy, it effect on child. I hope you will go ahead and giving birth your baby. My prayers and wishes with you.