Kids in counselling

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Kids in counselling

I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with kids in grief counselling. I'm starting to think Ricky needs to get into some sort of grief counselling so that he can be equipped with some tools on how to deal with his Dad's death. I know it's 7 years later, but because of his age, I think now he is dealing with his Dad's death, when previously it was just the way it is.

Any insight would be helpful.


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My dad took me to get counseling when my mom died when I was 16, on July 24, 2006. I found that it was very helpful to talk with her about my mom. I highly recommend giving your son that opportunity. Have you asked him if he wants to? Do you have insurance?

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I am a social worker/counselor and have volunteered at a center for grieving children in the past and feel that therapy is very important for children who have experienced a loss. Even though your son's loss was earlier in his life, the loss will impact his life forever. You are right, teaching him some coping skills now can definitely help him in his future. Smile

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I think grief counseling is very helpful for kids after loss. They have many good ways to talk with kids. I took my friend to get grief counseling when his father died. He also said they are very helpful.