Missing him....

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Missing him....

I still miss him & think about him, & cry..........

I keep looking for him whenever I see men that look him, and can't help but to be atttracted to them.

I miss my red headed man! I guess I always will.

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:bighug: Cass, I know what you mean. My DH was tall and skinny with dark hair that was often too long for its own good. My heart STOPS whenever I see a man on the street that looks remotely like him.

We never stop missing them, I think. And that's OK :comfort: :kissy:

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I'm sorry. ((hugs)) I know it's not an easy thing to go through. It's okay to miss the ones you lost. Always remember the good times and don't forget that you will see him again some day.

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Very sorry for your husband you lost. I think it is better to collect and his all pictures and memories and write a little book on him. In this way you can be able to pay him your heartiest tributes.