Missing mom, dad and sister :(

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Missing mom, dad and sister :(

Hi everyone, I just happened to stumble upon this board from the other boards, and glad I did. I've been having an exceptionally hard time this month with missing my mother, father and sister, I think it has something to do with being very ill lately, and also finding out I was pregnant, only to be told a week later in the E.R. that I was no longer. I really wish my mom was here, I need her support and hugs, I need my dad for his positive outlook and smiles, and my sister for hugs, advice and to get my mind busy like she used to. My sister died in 2002 from homicide mom in 2004 from liver disease and dad last September from CHF on my birthday:( I've also just quit smoking, and it's so hard not to pick up a cig...but I won't! I just wanted to vent a bit, thanks for taking the time to read this.

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:bighug: Come back anytime to vent.

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I am in your shoes. I lost my mom in 1987, dad in 1997 and my baby this past June. I feel awful and like I have no one to talk too.
I wish I could be of more help. Here is a big hug for you.

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Thanks you guys for the hugs:bigarmhug: I'm sorry for your losses too rh1430:( I have noticed that for some reason the change of seasons are very painful, probably because it's another season without my family, I just know I'm feeling empty and sad lately with Fall coming. I'm so grateful to have one sister left, and of course my hubby and friends too. With the Holidays approaching I'm dreading it, I usually start a project around the house to keep my mind off things, this year I'll be painting the living room, I does help some. I'm still not smoking, and I know my parents would be so happy I did it, they used to get after me a lot to quit, especially dad because he had the COPD and was on oxygen. Anyways, thanks again for listening and big hugs to all of you.

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It is such a terrible tragedy and difficult to forget. I m so sorry for your losses. Loss of our parents and sister in just short time is really awful. I heart totally goes out for you.
I know its really hard time for you. You never forget your loved ones. You take more time for heal your grief but I know its really work for you. Time heal all the wounds. Can you contact with grief counseling group? These groups are really helpful and you can deal your grief with this board. I hope you may go ahead.
My prayers and wishes always with you.
May God Bless you.